Orange County Bail Bonds

Imagine seeing yourself in jail with nobody to help you? Sounds like a scary place.
Don’t be afraid our Orange County bail bonds agents are here to help you.
Here are some reasons why calling us before anyone else can change your life.

Things to Watch Out!!!
· Illegal bail bond solicitation
· Getting out of jail without being requested
· Bail rates lower than the allowed by state law
· Renegade bail bond companies

What Payment Options Are Available?
It is important when speaking to a bail bond agent to understand that there are different payment options and methods when it comes to a bail bond. The different options are listed below.
All reputable bail bonds will accept all major credit cards as a payment method; a few will accept a payment method. It is important to ask what the interest rate is and the penalty on failure to make payment on a bail. It is important to understand the difference between a secure loan and an unsecured loan. Most Orange County bail bond companies will accept collateral for the release of the inmate. A collateral loan is a secure loan in which you are providing a guarantee of the detainee will appear on the mandated court date. Please be aware of what this means when you provide a collateral bail bond. All bail bonds in Orange County accept cash payment on the bond.

How Bail Bonds Works

Bonds are negotiated over the phone with agents in Orange County. Agents will meet you at our office, the jail, or wherever it is most convenient for you. Collateral is not always necessary. Up-front payment in full is not always required. Bail bonds service is confidential and professional. We are always available for your questions. We strive to provide professional and personal services so that posting bail for your friend or loved one can be a fast, dignified and simple process.

General Information
Orange County bail bonds advise you, as a co-signer, to read all bail agreements carefully and ask questions when you need clarification. We are ready to explain any part of our contracts. The basic fees are posted in our office. Please ask your agent for frank discussion of these fees. We also would like to reiterate the importance of your commitment as a co-signer. You take full financial responsibility for the bond and the premium payment. A bail bond guarantees appearances for every court date for the duration of the defendant's case.

Premiums / Forfeiture
Premiums are non-refundable and are fully earned by the bail bond agency upon posting the bond at the jail. If, at any time, during the active period of the bond the defendant has another case brought against him/her, a separate bond with the additional premium may be necessary. In case of forfeiture (failure of the defendant to appear in court), it is your responsibility as the co-signer to pay the full amount of bail and/or help locate the defendant for surrender. Failure to do so may be cause for surrender of the defendant and may prevent the bail agency from providing you with assistance in complying with court orders.

Responsibilities / Release of Bond
The defendant is directed by the bail agreement to be present at every appearance required by the court. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of the bond. As a co-signer, you would be required to bring the defendant to our office immediately in order to reinstate the bond, or surrender him/her back into custody. Failure to act immediately may incur expenses for which you are liable. In the event of forfeiture, you are liable for the full amount of the bail and any expenses incurred.

The co-signer is no longer liable for the defendant’s bond when he/she has completed all court appearances, the bond has been exonerated, and all costs have been paid.

Once the bond is exonerated, the bail office will promptly return any collateral pledged.

Types of Bail Bonds
In a bail bond situation there are 4 main types of bail bonds. The 4 listed below will help people classify the type of bail bond they are requesting. There are different procedures when processing these types of bail bonds, experienced and licensed bail bondsmen will explain in detail.

Cash Bail Bonds – This type of bail bond requires that the complete required amount is deposited for the release of the defendant. When processing a cash bail bond this method is very straight forward in which the defendant will appear on the required court date given by the judge.

Federal Bail Bonds – When a defendant is charged with a felony federal crime this is typically classified as a serious and complex offense. These types of bail bonds are most costly and require experienced bail bondsmen to process.

Immigration Bail Bonds – These types of bail bonds are considered to be very complex and high risk for bail bond agencies in Orange County. Not many bail bondsmen are licensed to provide this service since the risk is high for immigration bail bonds. It is important to understand that finding the right bail bondsmen who can accommodate this will be difficult.

Property Bail Bonds – When cash is not sufficient for a bail bond a client may offer property of some sort as collateral as a way to fund the bail. These types of transactions are typically considered to be a secure loan in which the client is liable for the bail and the property. It important to read all documents carefully when processing a property as collateral during a bail.

Booking Process
When a defendant is arrested in Orange County they are explained their rights and booked at the police station which is located in Santa Ana, California. Once they are processed they are explained of the charges in which background checks completed to see if any other warrants or past history crimes are evaluated. After a completion of the processing the detained person has the option of making a phone call. Typically to make a call this must be done with a collect call or a credit card. There is also an option where the jails have listed available bail bond agencies that you may call. These bail agencies will accept collect calls to help facilitate the bail.

Jail Information
Many clients who are arrested in the Orange County area are taken to the jail facility in Santa Ana. It is important to call a bail bond agency right away so we can begin tracking the inmate. The faster you call the quicker we can process a bail request. Booking time can vary depending on the volume of people arrested and being processed. The typical wait can be around 3-6 hrs in booking and processing. Release times of the inmate can vary in different variables which include overcrowding, understaffed and many other circumstances.

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