Bail Bonds FAQ

Why a Bail Bonds in Orange County is Necessary
When a person is arrested and booked they typically require the assistance of a bail bondsman in Los Angeles. The amount the judge sets for a bail is typically not affordable for most citizens. With the help of a bail bond company you can pay 10% or less down payment on the cost of the bail in return the bail bond company will pay 100% of the bail amount to the court.

Example of a payment option from a Bail Bond Company
Bail Amount = $100,000 x 10% = $10,000 is what is typically needed to bail out of jail with a bail bond company. 10% rate is typical standard rate lower rates are available and should be consulted with the bail bond company.

Flight Risk in Bail Bonds A flight risk is typically weighed in by a judge at the time a bail amo unt is decided or whether even bail is an option. If the judge believes that the defendant might not show up to court the judge can decide whether to raise the bail amount or refuse bail all together. There are many factors about the bail amount in terms of nature of the crime.

Crime affects the Bail Bond The bail base is based on the crime of the accused is being charged with. The judge will typically evaluate the assumptive bail rate for the crime that was committed. At that point the judge will weigh in different aspects when considering the bail amount. There are many options a judge can decide whether to raise the bail amount or to even deny bail. In some cases the judges can even let the defendant go on his or her own recognizance.

Criminal History of a Bail Bond
A criminal history may also play into the bail since judges can request a history of the person committing a crime. If a history of crime is shown a judge can raise the bail amount vs. someone who does not have a criminal history.