If someone you know gets arrested and is not immediately released, they may be held for trail or released on bail. In Balboa, when bail is set, the judge decides on a monetary value that person must post to the court in order to be released and then return to their required court appearances. Once the case is resolved and the arrested person has not missed any court appearances, the money is returned. The process can take months, because paperwork must be filled out and undergo several procedures. If the arrested person fails to attend all court appearances, the money is forfeited to the court.

Bail Bonds
Cash Bail Bonds, The simplest type of bail bond is cash. This is when the person can produce the money in cash to pay the court.

Surety Bail Bonds
A surety bail bond is bail bond in which the defendant enters a contract with a bail bond agent and their insurance company. This is the most common type of bail bond, especially for bail that is higher than a few thousand dollars. The contract dictates that the bail bond company will pay 90% of the bail, and the defendant pays the remaining 10%. In Balboa and California it is mandated by law that bail bond companies charge 10% - no more and no less - for this service. Occasionally the bail bond agent requires collateral from the client, such as the deed to a house or boat, in case the defendant does not show up in court.The 10% fee is non-refundable, but is much less than the person would have to pay without a surety bail bond.

Own Recognizance A defendant can also be released on their own recognizance. This means that the judge has determined that the person is low flight risk and the accused crime is usually not serious. The defendant simply agrees to attend their court hearings and no money or collateral is required. The defendant is trusted to do what they have been told by the court.

Balboa, CA in Orange County
The city of Balboa is also called Balboa Peninsula and is a subdivision of Newport Beach in southern Orange County. Balboa is a Peninsula off Newport Beach, acting as a jetty to enclose Newport Harbor and its islands. Just across the harbor are three islands; Balboa Island, Little Balboa Island, and Collins Island. The islands are man-made Island and host private homes, harbors and boats.

Balboa Peninsula is primarily a recreational and residential area, with surfing, beach recreation and boating as main attractions, as well as many eateries and fine dining. It offers a fun zone, unique shops, boutiques and historical landmarks as well.The mile ferry of Balboa Peninsula takes people to Balboa Island, where they can enjoy a ride on the Ferris wheel in a small amusement facility called Funland, or dine at a scenic seafood restaurant.