When you or someone close to you a family member is arrested in Cypress, they are taken to the local police facility and booked. After the booking process they must wait in a holding cell or detention center until bail is set, usually by a judge.During this time the person is allowed to make one and only one phone call. That call is very important because the arrested person must let someone know where they are, what has happened, and supply all the information they will need to obtain the bail amount in full. Bail must be posted to the court in order for the defendant to leave jail and go home until their ordered court appearance.

The court date can be weeks or even months away. If they cannot post bail, they will have to remain in jail until that time. Once the person appears in court and the case is resolved, the bail is returned. If the person does not appear as ordered, bail is forfeited and the arrested person loses all the money.

During booking the police take obtain information from you including your full name, fingerprints, photo (mug shot), address, phone number, etc. They also interview you about what happened and record your story. The police take away all your personal belongings, including your cell phone and wallet. This is why your one phone call to a loved one or friend is very important.

Obtaining Bail
In Cypress, bail is set according to the seriousness of the alleged crime, whether or not you have a criminal record or have been arrested before, and other factors such as if you own a home, and your standing in your community (the risk that you will not come back - flight risk). Once bail is set, it is up to you to get it. Since bail is often thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, many people cannot afford to pay.

A bail bonds company or agent is a licensed business that can post bail for you. Make sure the company you use is licensed and bonded. They have insurance and financing ability to come up with your bail and pay the court. In California, they must charge a 10% fee to their clients for this service. So it costs you 10% of your bail to hire a bail bond agent. If your bail $10,000, for instance, your fee will be $1,000. This fee is not refundable.

The main jail in the Irvine area is the Orange County Jail. The main contact information is:
Orange County Jail
(949) 855-2612
13502 Musick
Irvine, CA 92618

The jail facilities are all located at the same place.

550 N. Flower St.
Santa Ana, CA 92703

The Intake Release Center is most likely where the arrested person will be taken to await posting of bail.

Cypress, CA in Orange County
Cypress is a small suburban community in northern Orange County, CA. It is just south of Los Angeles county. The climate is pleasant and warm and is considered a Mediterranean climate. Most precipitation occurs in February, and it is warmest from May through November. Cypress College is located in Cypress, a California community college.