Why Choose an Orange County Bail Bonds Company?
The Orange County bail bonds business is a service provided for the public in all situations that arise. Orange County Bail bond agents pride themselves in helping others and the fact that our service takes a personal interest in your bail bond requirements. If the bond is not secured properly you can have untold legal problems as a result. Our bail bond service in Orange County is very personal and informed procedure so you can fully understand he bail process. You receive not only personalized counseling but solid assurance that all aspects of your bail bonds are handled properly and efficiently.

How can bonds be posted in Orange County?
Two ways are used. Cash and Secured. Cash Only: The defendant and co-signer pay the amount requested by the Court, and guarantee appearance in court. Secured: The defendant can pay an amount that is agreed to be an adequate security deposit. Title to real estate is often used as it is worth usually much more than the bond amount. The guarantee to appear in court is the same. What you are signing is a promise to the defendant (court, state, municipality or person) that you will appear in court and accept all court orders regarding charges. Bonds can be changed. In order to do so you must have the bonding company files a Motion to Modify Bond. Typically there is a 10 day allowance for a hearing for review. A judge may process without a hearing. In either case participants are notified by mail. If you do not appear in court on the day the court specifies? You can forfeit money and or property used to collateralize the bond. You must accept ultimate responsibility for your bond as it is a serious binding legal Instrument.

What Type of Discounts Are Available for a Orange County Bail Bonds?
There are options to get discounts for a bail if you qualify. These qualifications will be discussed with the bail agency you call. You can typically be eligble for a discount if you have a lawyer on retainer or you are in the military or part of a Union. These rates are typically 8% vs the full 10% required by the state of California.

How to know who is the best Orange County bail bond agency? It is difficult to choose the right Orange County bail bond agency when it comes to bailing your loved one out of jail. Though all bail bond companies in Orange County do the same thing they differentiate their services by quality of service to their clients. Finding a good bail bond company in Orange County is not difficult but you need to ask the main questions such as how quickly can I get this person out of jail and how will you work with me on the payment for a bail bond. Many Orange County bail bond companies understand that bails can be expensive and will take the time to try in their power to make the bail a reality. Most bail bonds will provide a calm and friendly atmosphere to assist you in a tough time. Look for bail bond companies in Orange County that don't pressure you and will explain in detail how the bail bond process will be worked out with you. Not all bail companies are created equally so we suggest you look at reviews of the companies and your gut instinct when choosin g a bail bond company.

What time are we open till in Orange County?
Almost all Orange County bail bond companies are open 24hrs a day 7 days week to help assist in a bail bond. If you call a bail bond company and there is no live person on the phone this is typically a dead giveaway about their level of service. It is recommended when choosing a bail bonds Orange County company to call and make sure they pickup their phones because you may never know when or what time you will need to speak to a bail agent.

What if the defendant does not appear to court in Orange County?
If the person does not appear to court in Orange County the Orange County bail bonds company can start the process of looking for that person with law enforcement. By law they are allowed to bring the defendant to the court in order to recover the amount the person had a bail bond. At times a bail bond company can sue the defendant to recover the money forfeited to the court should the person fail to appear at the Orange County court.

How Does the Orange County Bail Bonds Process Work?
What we do is provide what is known as a "surety bond" in Orange County. Usually a family, friend or an attorney makes contact with the Orange County bail bond company via phone. We need to talk to someone that's knows you well and what the arrest is about. At that point we evaluate your situation. We find out what your marital status is, your work history, your past arrest record, and what the current charges involve. We use that information to gauge the risk of the bond being requested. With the information disclosed and acceptable a bail bond is purchased and documents of the agreement are signed. One of our Bail Bonds Orange County consultants at that point will do the final paperwork and actually post the bail amount so that you are released on bail from the holding authority. This whole process cannot however be completed unless you have been booked and processed. There is a valid reason for involving your family and friends, especially if they are used as collateral. We want as many involved as possible to insure you will be back when you have your appointed court date. There is a risk of losing money and it is important that we closely monitor each and every bail bond we provide. The bail bonds in Orange County are responsible to assist in locating you if you are not present.