Welcome to our Fullerton bail bonds website where our goal is to help you get out of jail. If you or your loved one is in jail we understand this can be a very difficult time. Our goal is to assist you in your bail bond process as well as answer all your questions and concerns. All the bail agents provided on this website are licensed and experience in answering all your questions as well as being compliant with all state laws. We have multiple agents located in Fullerton 24 hours a day seven days a week. Our agents are courteous and friendly and will explain in detail how the bail bond process works in Fullerton California.

Once an inmate is detained at the Fullerton Police Department they can begin processing. Once processing has been complete the inmate can then be released on bail. Our agents are dedicated in providing the quickest bail possible, even if that means they must meet you at for Fullerton Police Department. Our bail bond agents in Fullerton are happy to work with you in every way including payment plans, flexible payment methods, and little money down and in many instances no collateral. Our goal is to work with you and provide you a service in getting the person you need out. The police department in Fullerton is located at 237 W. Commonwealth in Fullerton California.