Bail bonds in California are used when someone is arrested and a judge sets bail that is too high to pay for anyone helping the incarcerated person. Often bail is thousands of dollars, and most people may not have enough on hand to pay the court. Bail is required by the court as an insurance against the arrested person if they do not appear for their assigned court dates.

Sometimes collateral can be used instead of money, such as the deed to a house or boat. This type of bond is called a property bond. If the person fails to show up for their court, the court the court will start foreclosure of the property and take possession of it to satisfy the bail. Other times the person has enough cash on hand, and pays the court. This is called a cash bond.

The most common bail bonds are called surety bonds. This is when the arrested person enters a contract with a bail bond agent or bail company to post the bail for them. The bail bond agent must be licensed and bonded (insured) so that if the arrested person fails to appear in court, the bail bond company's insurance will cover the cost. Bail bond companies sometimes require collateral from their clients as well. In La Palms and California, bail bond agents are required to charge a non-refundable fee equal to10% of the bail bond for their service. Bail is decided at an arraignment. An arraignment is the first appearance of a criminal case.

Once the person is released, they must agree to return to court on the date and time of their court hearing or pre-trail conference.

At the arraignment, the defendant appears before the judge and will be required to identify themselves, is read the charges against him/her, and may be told the punishment if found guilty. The defendant may hire an attorney or have the court appoint a public defender. The defendant has the right to negotiate bail reduction. At this time they respond to the charges with a plea of guilty, not guilty or no contest. Once bail is set, the defendant must come up with the money in full in order to be released.

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