Bail bond companies and bail bond agents can be a very important resource to someone you are close to or you get arrested in Laguna Hills. The person is charged with a crime and taken to the nearest police station or booking facility, where they undergo a process called booking. This procedure is when the police take all of the person's information, photo, fingerprints, personal items, and interview them about what happened. They also check in their computer system for any criminal history, and other information.

After booking, it is decided whether or not the person will be released or held and charged with the crime. If they are charged, they will have to wait in a holding facility until they go before a judge in what is called an arraignment. This is the time when the judge hears the cases of the defendant and the prosecutor (usually a government lawyer). If the judge decides that there is enough evidence and cause to charge the person, they will do so and then set bail. Bail is usually a given amount of money that the defendant has to post to the court if they want to be able to leave the jail until the time when a court appearance is scheduled to hear their case. This can be weeks or months. Most people opt to go home and return to their lives for that time, as well as prepare for their case. On rare occasions bail can be some kind of collateral such as a house or car, but usually it is cash or a surety bond. The bail acts as insurance for the court that the person will appear when they are required to later on. If they show up for all appearances until the case is resolved, the bail is returned. If they fail to show up, the bail is kept and is forfeited by the defendant.

A cash bail bond is when the person pays cash to the court in full. This is the simplest and quickest way to pay bail. However, most people do not have enough cash on hand to pay the bail that is often set. This can be tens of thousands of dollars or more.

Surety bail bonds - A surety bail bond is when the arrested person enters a contract with a third party (the bail bond company) in which that company pays most of the bail for them. Bail bond companies in California and Laguna Hills will pay 90% of the bail, and the defendant must pay 10%. This 10% is a non-refundable fee and is the required amount according to California law. In some cases the fee can be slightly less, but only if the defendant retains an attorney associated with the bail bond company. Reliable bail bond companies are bonded and insured for the capital in case the defendant does not show up at their court appearances.

Our bail bond service is easy and professional. We understand the stress of the arrest and booking process, and or agents can help you expedite getting bail paid because of our experience and state-of-the-art technology.

Laguna Hills in Orange County California
Located in scenic southern Orange County, CA, Laguna Hills is a relatively affluent small community with many newer homes and retail developments. The Laguna Hills Mall is a main shopping attraction and there is a new civic Center and City hall located in the northern section of the city. Laguna Hills High School is the smallest high school in southern Orange County, with a student population less than 1,800. The Nellie Gail Ranch is a well-known upscale community that is pre-planned and hosts over 1,400 lots with homes as large as 10,000 square feet. Homes at the Ranch are a combination of tract and custom-built. The area is zoned for horseback riding, and is aesthetically designed with equestrian trails, open areas and arenas, as well as parks and forested areas.

Orange County Sherriff's Department
550 N. Flower Street
Santa Ana, CA 92703
Tel: (714) 647-4666

If you become arrested in the Laguna Hills, California the defendant is typically transferred to the Orange County Main Jail until a bail is secured. The turn around time for booking can vary from 4-8hrs. Once this process is complete a bail agent can then begin the processing the bail bond.