Lake Forest Bail Bonds

When someone is arrested in Lake Forest, they are taken to a detention center or local police station and booked. During booking it is determined whether or not the defendant will be accused if the crime and also if bail will be set. If the person arrested is required to appear in court for the crime, then a judge or clerk, magistrate will determine what bail will be required to allow the defendant to leave the jail. In some cases, no bail is set and the defendant must remain in jail until their court date.

Bail Factors and Bail Bond Services
Bail is determined by several factors including criminal history of the defendant, flight risk, attitude, facts of the case, whether or not they or their family owns a home. Once bail is set, the defendant must come up with the entire amount to be set free. The bail acts as insurance for the court to make sure that the defendant will show up for their court appearance. If they fail to show up at the scheduled time, bail will not be returned and the person loses the money. Because most people do not have tens of thousands of dollars that is sometimes required for bail, they hire a bail bond company to help pay. California law states that a 10% fee must be charged by a bail bond agent or company to obtain and pay a bail bond for someone. If bail is set for 10,000, for example, the non-refundable fee to the bail bond agent is $1,000.

Make sure that you hire a licensed and bonded bail bond company, and that they have experience in helping people make bail. Our agents are not only experienced, but we understand that it can be a difficult time, and we will act quickly and professionally to ensure that the defendant is released as soon as possible.

Surety Bail Bonds
This is the most common type of bail bond that most people use. A surety bond involves a contract between you and the bail bond company that allows them, a second party to guarantee that the defendant will appear in court. The bail bond agent will put up 90% of the bail, and the other 10% comes from you. After the defendant appears at all required court dates, and the case is resolved, the money is returned from the court, and the bail bond agent keeps your 10% as a fee. Sometimes the bail bond company will require additional collateral such as the deed to your house, a car or boat.

Cash Bail Bonds
Cash bands are when the defendant is able to pay the entire amount of bail in cash, and a bail bond is not required. If the defendant appears at their court proceedings, it takes 60 to 90 days after the resolution of your case for the court to return the money.

Own Recognizance
Release on own recognizance is when the defendant signs an agreement that they will appear in court and no money or collateral is required. This bail is usually issued in cases with low flight risk, no past history of crime, and the person is generally deemed trustworthy.

Lake Forest in Orange County
Lake Forest is a city is southern Orange County with a population of about 78,300. It is the most densely populated city in southern Orange County, and includes the planned communities of Portola Hills and Foothill Ranch. Lake Forest has two man-made lakes, surrounded by custom homes and condominiums. The city features a The Lake Forest Beach and Tennis Club, a country club with a wide array of sports, activities and amenities.

Lake Forest is home to the decommissioned marine base, El Toro. This base was closed in 1999, and after several years of discussion, it was sold to Heritage Fields, LLC in 2005 for $650 million. The property is slated for development that includes a golf course, parks, residential homes, commercial and schools.