Premium But No Collateral
The premium is typically the fee required for a bail bond to be processed. If the premium is paid in full and the information regarding the bail is adequate collateral is typically not needed for bonds under $100,000. An experienced bail agent will be able to assist with understanding the process of a bail regarding collateral. By calling a bail bond agent they will be able to find the cost of the bail as well as the charges presented by the defendant.

No Cash But Collateral in Exchange
By calling our bail bond agents listed they can explain the details of the bail with no money in exchange for collateral. Typically collateral is collected on a home sufficient equity to cover the amount of the bail plus the premium that is borrowed for the bail. All parties on the title must agree to sign all necessary documents to process a bill without any money down and done with the collateral. There are many options for these types of bail, by speaking to an experience and licensed bail agent they will be able to provide all the details regarding these types of matters.

Why It Is Important To Call Us Regarding Payment Options
There are many options aside listed above in processing a bail bond. For some bail bond clients they use vehicles as collateral as long as they meet certain requirements. It is important to explain the situation to an experienced bail bonds made regarding payment so they can make the necessary accommodations.