You're right to be bailed in Orange County California
The eighth amendment right in the United States Constitution is part of the United States which is the right to be bailed, and prohibits from excessive bail and cruel and unusual punishment to the person trying to get bail.

A bail in a bail bond process is the capital required by the defendant as collateral that they will return to trial on the given date. Depending on the crime and the court decision a bail can be denied.

Why Bail Is So Important
By allowing you to be free on bail you can restructure yourself to collect evidence and retain a good lawyer to fight your case. Having a good lawyer is the 2nd step in fighting your case aside from getting out of jail. We advise that getting out of bail has its pros, such as family being reunited but understanding that you must return on the court date is crucial. Being in contact with your bail bonds is important if you cannot make it to your scheduled court date.