When someone gets arrested in Seal Beach, they are technically assumed to be innocent of any crimes until proven guilty in a court of law. There are several processes following arrest. You are taken to the local police facility and booked. Booking is very important to your case, and can take several hours and sometimes more than one day.

During booking, the police take the name, address and personal information of the arrested person. They also take away all personal belongings of the arrested person. This includes cell phone, wallet, pens, etc. They are then fingerprinted and photographed (the mug shot), and questioned by the police or detectives. The person discusses what happened and answers questions. The police run a computer search on the person to determine if they have a criminal record or have been involved in any misconduct in the past.

After the questioning, the police may decide to release the defendant if they have no evidence and no reason to believe that the person is guilty. Otherwise, the defendant is placed in a holding facility to await determination of bail. The defendant must attend an arraignment to determine this. An arraignment is the first hearing (called a preliminary hearing) after an arrest in which the judge decides if there is enough evidence to pursue action against the defendant and force them to stand trial. The defendant may have their attorney present, and the prosecutor (a government attorney) will be able to present their case to the judge. If there is not enough evidence, the defendant will be released and the case against them dismissed.

If the judge decides there is enough evidence to continue prosecuting the defendant, they judge will usually set bail. Bail is decided according to factors such as the nature of the case, the criminal history of the defendant, their flight risk and other factors.

After bail is set, the defendant is allowed one phone call to someone who can help them produce the bail amount and post it to the court. After posting bail, the defendant is released until their required court appearance. Following the resolution of the case, if the defendant does appear as required, bail is returned in full. A bail bond is a set amount of of money that is used as insurance that the defendant will show up at their court hearing and other appearances. Most bail bonds are cash or surety bonds. A surety Bail Bond is a bond that is obtained by contracting with a bail bond agent for an amount that is insured in the event that the defendant does not show up in court. Because bail in Seal Beach can be tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, most people do not have enough cash on hand to pay. Using a trustworthy and licensed Bail Bond service company is the best way to post bail for many people.

Seal Beach in Orange County

Seal Beach is a small coastal city located on the northern tip of Orange County, CA. It was incorporated in 1915, and was a seaside recreational and beach community. It hosted an amusement park long before Disneyland was built.

The U.S. Navy has housed its Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach there since World War II, and is today a major source of munitions the most of the U.S. Pacific Fleet. The Boeing Company, the world's largest manufacturer satellites, is one of the major employers of Seal Beach, employing over 2,000 people. Two of its divisions are headquartered there; Seal Beach and Boeing Space & Intelligence Systems and Boeing Homeland Security & Services. The latter division comprises airport security and related systems.