Westminster Bail Bonds

Obtaining a bail bond in Westminster can be a trouble-free process as long as you use an experienced, bonded and insured company. A good bail bond agent will help alleviate the stress and anxiety that often experience when facing the arrest and booking of their loved ones. Bail is usually set during the booking process. Because the amount of bail is usually more than people can pay, your bail bond agent will get the money in full, and pay the court so the defendant can leave the jail. In California, you will be charged a 10% non-refundable fee for this service. The 10% is the California state requirement, and bail bond companies may not charge more. The bail acts is insurance that the defendant will appear at their required court dates. Once the case is over and the person attends as required, the court returns the bail to the bail bond company. Our bail bond agents are there to assist you when you need us, and in will visit the jail where the defendant is held if it is necessary.

The booking procedure is when the person who is arrested in taken to the nearest detention center at the police station and processed into the system. Information such as the persons ID, social security number, address and phone number, what happened in alleged crime, physical appearance, fingerprinting, and mug shot photo is taken and recorded. Personal property of the person will also be taken and held until their release. The defendant's criminal history or if they are wanted for anything else will be reviewed as well.

Booking can take many hours, and it depends on the facility, the how many others are being booked, and other factors. When booking is complete, the person is held in a jail or detention center until bail is set by a judge or clerk. At that point the defendant is allowed on phone call to let someone know what has happened, and if bail is set, to assist them in obtaining the bail. If the person does not get out of jail with bail, they will be held until their court date. The defendant should make sure that they relay certain information during the phone call so that the recipient can best assist them with bail: The defendants' full legal name and birth date, they jail they are held in, and the total amount of bail needed. If they cannot obtain the full amount in cash, then a bail bond will be needed to get them out of jail until their court date.

Westminster, CA
Located just east of the surfing community of Huntington Beach, CA, Westminster is a city of over 88,600 people in southern California's Orange, County. It was founded in 1870 as Presbyterian Temperance colony. The city was incorporated in 1957. During the 1970's a large number of Vietnamese refugees came to live in Westminster, where the community of Little Saigon was formed. This community has developed and grown the city with new retail, restaurants and professional business, and has brought in tourism as well.

The Westminster Rose Center is a wedding and special event center that includes a 411 seat theater and a ball room that can accommodate 450 people. Many community events, conventions and programs are held there.